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Rules & Regulations

Rock Rewards exists to provide you, our most loyal guests, with a way to enjoy our thanks for your business. It may be a free appetizer or dessert, an upgraded bottle of wine, an invitation to a very special Big Rock Chophouse event or something else that we feel is appropriate. Whatever it is, whenever it happens, be assured that it is shared with you along with our sincerest good wishes.

In exchange for your providing some basic information about yourself we promise to retain that information solely for the management of the Rock Rewards Program and will not share it with outsiders. We may ask for your phone number or to see other valid forms of identity if you don’t have your card with you.

The best way to be fair about conducting a rewards program such as this is by awarding points based on the amount of money you spend with us. The more you spend, the closer you will come to the highest level in the Rock Rewards Program: Diamond. We will award points for all purchases (personal and business) including beverages, tax and gratuity (if that is included on your credit card statement for the visit.) For technical reasons, this means that each dollar you spend will be calculated at $1.26 (includes $0.20 for gratuity and $0.06 tax). We may, at our discretion, also award points for other reasons. We have the right to deactivate your account if you have not visited our property within a year. You must accrue at least 250 points per year to remain an active member and receive free member benefits. Points do not have a cash equivalency (the calculations for technical reasons mentioned earlier do not imply equivalency). Points cannot be awarded on the portion of a visit covered by a Big Rock Chophouse Gift Card (that happened when the Card was purchased.) By the same reasoning, if you have received a dollar or percentage discount your points will accrue only on the money actually spent and not on the full cash value of the item discounted. For example, if you get a complementary $25 upgrade on a $50 bottle of wine you will accrue points based on the original $50 purchase and not on the ultimate $75 value.

We ask that you provide us with a valid e-mail address so that we may communicate with you electronically. By accepting membership in the Rock Rewards Program you are allowing us permission to determine the best way to communicate with you, which may vary depending on the type of message.

Any aspect of the Rock Rewards program can be changed, modified or eliminated by Management at any time at their discretion. Type and price of gifts awarded at any level of membership shall be at the discretion of management. This program exists solely to reward loyal customers of Big Rock Chophouse, and there is no implied or expressed equality in the benefits awarded.

Rock Rewards benefits are for members only and are non-transferable.

Last updated: June 19, 2020