245 South Eton Street, Birmingham, MI 48009

Metro Detroit’s 4-star Award Winning Restaurant


John Brown, one of your staff, was absolutely stellar in helping me when I suddenly became very ill on Saturday Sept 5th at about 8:30pm on the patio of your restaurant. He reassured me, and brought a wet cool cloth and water, asked the supervisor to arrange transportation back to my hotel, all without disturbing the event I was attending. (Colburn/Schoenbach rehearsal dinner for wedding season) I am SO grateful, and was afraid I would need an ambulance, but recovered pretty quickly after being nauseous – one of the restaurant’s valets drove me to the Townsend hotel and he was also polite and caring. I was traveling alone from Boston, and have the highest praise for your staff who took care of me in MI! Fortunately, I was fine the next day as a wedding guest. Please extend my warm thanks to all, esp John B.